What is Common Ground?





Common Ground is the ministry to the poor at Christ Fellowship.  We call it Common Ground because our goal is not benevolence or handouts, but instead we are trying to find ways to build real, authentic, life-changing relationships with people in poverty.  Our prayer is that we would be a congregation where people from diverse racial, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds live in loving unity together as brothers and sisters in Christ.






We have some ideas, but we have found that definitions aren’t very helpful.  Definitions regarding the poor tend to reinforce stereotypes and create unhealthy judgments about who is or is not deserving of our assistance.  Jesus didn’t define the poor, he just told us to love them and help them.  So our aim is to have open eyes to see people in need around us and to have open hands to give.  More importantly we are praying to have open hearts to truly love people in need.

So what are we doing?

Every member of Christ Fellowship is expected to be reaching out to the poor in some way, so we can’t tell you about all the good things that we’re doing.  Many people are serving in ways that nobody else even knows about.  But here are a few things we do know about:

Opportunity Camp
This is a ministry of UNLOCK Ministries to take kids from Como Elementary School to a life-changing Christian summer camp.  We teach them to follow Jesus and love them with unconditional love for a week, then we stay with them through the year in loving discipleship relationships.  This camp is staffed by local Christian high school and college aged counselors.

Dr. Brown’s Mighty Men
This is a group of 10 boys who have been chosen from Opportunity Camp whose mission is to be excellent leaders who follow Jesus to change Como and the world.  We are committed to training these 10 boys until they graduate from high school and go to college.
Praying for and working towards change in Como—The Lake Como neighborhood is a historically black neighborhood in West-Central Fort Worth which has a rich heritage.  It is currently in need of revitalization, and we are committed to praying and working to see this happen.  We meet weekly for prayer in the neighborhood, and some from our congregation have moved into the neighborhood to live as neighbors.

Catholic Charities
Many from our church are working with this ministry to help refugee families who are making a new home in Fort Worth.

Angel Tree
We work with Prison Fellowship to help prisoners by giving gifts to their children at Christmas.

How can you get involved?
Start by praying for God’s heart for the poor, then call us and let us know you if you would like to be part of what we are already doing.  We believe that love for the poor is a defining characteristic of a Christian, so if you have not given your life fully to Jesus, start by surrendering to Him.  If you’re already a Christian, then start anywhere.  When you ask God to show you the poor, it won’t take long to find plenty of ways to help.