prayer_yancy.jpgWe believe that God yearns for every believer to communicate with Him through prayer, both through personal devotional time and times of personal or corporate intercession.

God has called us to stand in the gap for one another, for our city, our nation, and the nations of the world.  It has always been the heart of God to partner with men and women to see His manifest love, power, and grace abounding. We have been invited into this incredible journey. We believe that it will be characterized by joy, worship, perseverance, and literally thousands of answered prayers.

We have been invited by God to ask and keep asking, to seek and keep seeking, to knock and keep knocking because He longs to hear us and answer and show us who He is. He longs to open the doors for lives to be transformed. Won't you partner with us in this fresh move of God's Spirit around the world as we pray?