CF Kids!

CF’s vision is for children to live with a passion for Jesus and His purposes on the Earth.

Our heart is that our children know Jesus, encounter Him, and adore Him! On Sundays, children learn to know Him through the Word, encounter Him through His presence, and adore Him through Worship! At CF, we have the wonderful privilege to help equip, empower and activate children to advance the Kingdom of God in their neighborhoods and city!

On Sunday mornings kids interact with safe adults who have been equipped to help children begin and grow in their relationship with God, relationships with others, and relationships with those who don’t know Jesus. Children also have the opportunity to grow with God as invaluable members of our weekly Life Groups.

We believe that the 45 – 90 minutes that we have with our children on Sunday mornings is just one of the ways that they will be learning how to be followers of Christ. We view the Children’s Ministry as a partnership with parents, and as such, are committed to equipping parents to see these values worked out in the lives of their children. Life Groups, outreaches, family worship nights, and summer camps are additional tools that we utilize at Christ Fellowship to equip our children and families.


CF Sprouts Nursery and Preschool:
Classes are available during the 9am and 11am services.  Classes open 15 minutes prior to the start of the service.
CF Kingdom Kids (1st-4th) and CF World Changers (5th/6th):
1st-6th Grade is available during the 9am and 11am services, and will be dismissed to their classes following Worship.

CF Sprouts Nursery and Ones class is utilizing Play N' Worship.
This music-focused resource helps babies discover and learn about God-and their great big world. Stimulating visual, tactile, and auditory experiences engage babies-and connect them with God's truth.

CF Sprouts Preschool and Kinder Classes are utilizing David C. Cook's TRU curriculum:
This curriculum is centered around the principle that parents are the primary spiritual authority in their children's lives, and so, rather than sending home information about what our children are taught in class, and how to follow up on that at home, this curriculum is designed to send home pre-teaching material.  The pre-teaching material allows the parents to have the opportunity to introduce the Bible Story/Lesson to their children during the week, and then on Sunday mornings, we will build on the Spiritual Formation that has happened in the homes!

The children, even our young 2 year olds, have an opportunity to Respond to God's word each Sunday.  Depending on the lesson and the main point, that might be a response of celebration or thanksgiving.

CF Kingdom Kids (1st-4th Grade) is utilizing Hillsong Kids Supernatural DVD series:
SUPERNATURAL is a 13 week learning experience that gives children a greater understanding of worship.

They will discover Extreme Living, Passionate Worship and World Wide Worship as they come to realize the purpose they were created for - a life lived in worship of their saviour Jesus Christ.

CF World Changers (5th/6th Grade) is utilizing curriculum written in house.

First Time Visitors
We look forward to your visit!  Please stop by the Visitor Hub in the main foyer, or the Visitor Table outside the Preschool Classrooms to sign your child in.
First time visitors will need to fill out a registration card for your children.
We will assign you a family number that will be written on parents and children's hands using a Black Light Marker. Should your child need you during the service your child's number will appear on the screen in the auditorium. Following the service, we will check both parents and children's hands with a Black Light Flashlight to make sure that the numbers match before releasing children to parents.

God Loves Children and is passionately pursuing their hearts!  He is pouring out His love and Spirit in this hour!
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to serve children who are and will be true history makers and world changers!
Volunteers will be scheduled once during each month.  Nursery and Preschool volunteers need to plan on being in the classrooms 30 minutes before the service begins, on their Sunday to teach.Anyone who has completed 6th grade or older has the opportunity to serve our children.  Volunteers must complete an application, background check and read and sign Children's Ministry Manual.  If you are interested in more information about becoming a volunteer in the Children's Ministry please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it