history1.jpgChrist Fellowship began in early 1993 with 13 adults and 14 children. We met from house to house with a simple desire to be the church of Jesus Christ in simplicity and power. We would get so excited when we would open the Bible to the book of Acts and say, “Why can’t we see church life like we read about here in the Bible?” We still get excited about the simple dream of being the church.

Over the next few years we enjoyed the blessing and favor of God and saw many people become followers of Christ. We were on a journey together. We didn’t have things figured out, but we found a deep love for God, for God’s people, and for God’s purposes in the earth. We were learning together (we still are). We were learning to treasure Christ, to be whole-hearted worshippers, to share Christ, to be in community, to participate in the mission of God, to pray, to study God’s Word, to demonstrate the kingdom of God, to see others healed, and to work with God in setting things right in a broken world.

One of the key marks of our history has been enjoying, pursuing, and earnestly seeking life in Christ. We are convinced that really knowing His life leads to more life. We’ve seen that happen as individuals lead others to Christ, as life groups multiply again and again, and even as the church itself multiplies. As a result of this basic vision, a key part of our history has been church planting. From 1995 to 2001, the church multiplied many different times by starting new churches in different parts of the DFW Metroplex and in other states.history4.jpg

In 2002, a new and distinct phase of our history began as we moved the church from Grapevine to Fort Worth. Some of the reasons for moving included ethnic and economic diversity, access to the campuses of Texas Christian and Texas Wesleyan Universities, a headquarters for our church planting movement, and a strong sense of God’s call and leading to Fort Worth. We challenged our members to be “Missionaries to America” and said, “You may never move to Thailand as a missionary, but would you consider keeping your same job and moving to Fort Worth as missionaries?” During the next few years many accepted that challenge and we all sensed God’s pleasure in our steps of faith.

Since that time, we’ve continued to develop disciples and raise up leaders through a holistic approach to church life (creating a path for someone to go from a new believer to mature disciple, and if they’re called by God, actually helping them become a church planter who then goes with a team to another place to start the process all over again). We’ve also worked to develop our church-based training school, Christ Fellowship Training School, which focuses on discipleship and developing missionaries and church planters. Still another key area has been the development of our mission-sending arm of the church called Share Life Now International which focuses on the sending and support of our church planting teams, and planting new churches in different parts of the world.

history3.jpgWhen we look back we’re grateful for all that God has done and for the lives that have been changed and impacted by His grace. And today, as we look forward, we’re more excited than ever because we know that God is still wanting to use us and that our best days, our best stories, and our best testimonies are in the future as we trust our great God.